Thursday, 25 April 2019

Rain at Last

After weeks of no rain today's heavy downpours have left the garden refreshed (if a little battered). At least my forget me nots and euphorbia are pretty resilient.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Storms and sunshine

We've had a little thunder this afternoon and some brief heavy rain, but now sunshine is falling on the trees opposite us.

Scarecrow Mk2

After 18 months of faithful service our scarecrow decided he needed a lie down, taken out by gales just before Easter. Work has now begun on a new model!

Blossom Time

It's been a glorious year for blossom, especially on the damson and blackthorn. Our apples are just starting to flower and so is the hawthorn.

Severn Bore and the Bristol Lido

In March we travelled down to Gloucester to watch the Severn Bore, something I'd always been intrigued by. Then we swam and dined at the Bristol Lido (my idea of fun but with water at a chilly 19 degrees maybe not Dave's!)


We are currently taking some time off from the B&B to do all the things we fancy! In February we travelled to Malaga for a few days and went to see where the fabulous Ave Maria Seville oranges grow. We also visited markets and a wonderful glass museum.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Green Leaves and Blue Skies

Walking back up our lane green leaves are unfurling on the trees against a clear blue sky. In the bank bluebells are beginning to open and spring is definitely here.

Service Resumed

I've been having a bit of a break from the blog and have been posting on Twitter instead (@HillFarmBnB) but for those of you not on that platform I'll try and post here too!

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Clocks change

Today the clocks have gone back which means that the sun will set with us before 5pm. A bright cold day with another frost forecast tonight.

Autumn sunshine

Sunshine filling our living room and casting shadows across the landscape. The grass looks surprisingly green again and the areas we re-seeded have begun to sprout.